Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Kombucha is full of delicious probiotic goodness, but the truth is, not everyone can enjoy the taste. I’ve found a way to get even my husband to drink it – a yummy Berry Breakfast Smoothie that is easy enough to make before the coffee kicks in, and fast enough for a morning on-the-go! Berry Breakfast … Continue reading

Glazed Roasted Carrots

I didn’t think there was anything easier than my stove-top glazed carrots, but I have indeed found a more effortless way to get beautiful, sweet, glistening carrots!¬†Glazed carrots are always a favorite, and roasting them just adds another layer of depth and beauty to the dish. They come out nicely browned, and the natural sweetness … Continue reading

Chicken and Rice Medley

Here’s a little something to put on your list for easy cooking during the holidays!¬†It’s one of those easy one-pot meals that is a great use for leftovers, and is so warm and nourishing on a cold winter day. You can use any vegetables in place of the squash and broccoli, but they are wonderful … Continue reading

Skillet Flank Steak With Simple Pasta

I am a man. I am, however, no skilled outdoor grillmaster (starting a fire is one of those manly arts I never mastered, like changing the oil in the car). That is surely part of the reason I enjoy flank steak so much. Flank steak tastes great fried, which makes it perfect for the kitchen. … Continue reading