A Gift of Honey

This past week I looked in my mail to find a small box of liquid gold from my friends, Hannah and Mike, up in Chicago. They moved up there recently and Hannah started working at the Heritage Prairie Farm, which supplies some of the best restaurants in Chicago. The bonus for me? As a thank … Continue reading

Recipe List for the Holidays

Here are some of the mouthwatering sweets that have had me drooling at my computer this past week! Just looking at the drink recipes have made me feel all warm and cozy, and the little treats are so easy and simple to make – I think I’ll be getting Alex in the kitchen to get … Continue reading

A Hiatus

Okay, I know it’s only been a couple of months since I’ve been back to blogging, but I think she’s a pretty good reason to take a bit of a break… Denise Carolina, 9/10/2010 …be back soon!