Busy Little B’s

Kombucha brewing

  So I’ve got some new workers in my kitchen these days! They’re hard working little bacteria and yeast that help me create healthy food with minimal effort on my part.¬†On our to-do list these days: yogurt, kombucha and sourdough – healthy fermented foods that are great for giving your body a supply of probiotics, … Continue reading

Homemade: Citrus-Cranberry Sauce

Red is my absolute favorite color. Combine it with my favorite flavors of sweet with a touch of sour, and you’ve got the best condiment ever: cranberry sauce. Most people think of pumpkin pie or turkey with stuffing when they anticipate the holidays, but all that’s on my mind these days is how many times … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Cook from Scratch

I’ve shared this post at Food Renegade’s Fight Back Friday! Growing up, I took for granted all the delicious home-cooked, from-scratch meals my Mother prepared for our family on a daily basis. Even now I realize how naive I still am as I gasp in surprise at the prepared foods people purchase that are easily made … Continue reading

Homemade: Ketchup

Ketchup in the jar and slathered on the meatloaf! Nourishing Traditions is a great cookbook by Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation that is a great resource for traditional foods recipes. Reading it encouraged me to start making my own yogurt and to try using whey to make my own fermented foods; cultured … Continue reading