Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Kombucha is full of delicious probiotic goodness, but the truth is, not everyone can enjoy the taste. I’ve found a way to get even my husband to drink it – a yummy Berry Breakfast Smoothie that is easy enough to make before the coffee kicks in, and fast enough for a morning on-the-go! Berry Breakfast … Continue reading

Soaked Pancakes

Soaking grains turns out to be a frugal option – who knew? Usually I eat every couple of hours or so, but with these pancakes for breakfast, I feel satiated for the whole morning and can comfortably wait for a late lunch. Needless to say, our snack foods are sticking around a lot longer now, … Continue reading

Coconut Green Smoothie

Ever since I started making green smoothies a few months ago, they have been an almost constant part of our family breakfast. Filled to the brim with all the health benefits of green, leafy vegetables, they pack all the flavor of fruit, so it doesn’t taste like you’re drinking a salad for breakfast.

Cranberry Greek Yogurt

Are you ready to try something indulgent for breakfast? This could probably also be served as a dessert, but since I’m already using cranberry sauce for every lunch and dinner that I can, I thought it only proper to spread the love to breakfast time! It’s a beautiful addition to breakfast, and since these are … Continue reading