Let Go and Enjoy!

As I prepare to bring my family together around the table for Christmas dinner, I need encouragement to let go. To let go of lists and tasks – to leave the kitchen and preparations in order to enjoy time with family and friends! The holidays are a wonderful time to come together around the table, and … Continue reading

A Stress-free Holiday Meal – Step 5: Extra Tasks

(photo credit) The last and easiest step to creating a stress-free holiday is compiling a list for your guests who volunteer to help. In the past I’ve tried to do everything myself, and it’s so hard! I’m left working the whole time and my guests aren’t able to interact with me because I’m in the … Continue reading

5 Steps to a Stress-free Holiday Meal

photo by benjamin.nussbaum When I first started cooking holiday meals, I was surprised by how much planning had to go into them! I felt like I was going overboard planning each step with timetables and detailed instructions, but the truth is that it’s hard to go overboard in planning more elaborate meals. The surest way that … Continue reading

Life Without a Microwave

photo by jronaldlee Our huge hunk of a microwave has been taking up space in our tiny townhouse kitchen since we moved in five years ago. I always thought that I wouldn’t be able to live without it – I mean, how would I reheat leftovers or the coffee I didn’t drink from this morning? … Continue reading