Let Go and Enjoy!

As I prepare to bring my family together around the table for Christmas dinner, I need encouragement to let go. To let go of lists and tasks – to leave the kitchen and preparations in order to enjoy time with family and friends! The holidays are a wonderful time to come together around the table, and … Continue reading

A Stress-free Holiday Meal – Step 5: Extra Tasks

(photo credit) The last and easiest step to creating a stress-free holiday is compiling a list for your guests who volunteer to help. In the past I’ve tried to do everything myself, and it’s so hard! I’m left working the whole time and my guests aren’t able to interact with me because I’m in the … Continue reading

A Stress-free Holiday Meal – Steps 3 & 4: Schedules

photo by Michel Filion Creating the schedule fot the week and day of your holiday meal are crucial steps that will set you up for stress-free success! These steps are so important because they allow you to do the thinking ahead of time, before the real hustle of the holidays begins. There is so much to … Continue reading

A Stress-free Holiday Meal – Step 2: Shopping List

photo by S. Diddy After I create my menu, I gather all of my recipes together and compile a complete Supply/Ingredient List that I use to check my kitchen and pantry as I create my Shopping List. I leave nothing out – even that little 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg makes the cut, which ensures that I’m … Continue reading