Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Kombucha is full of delicious probiotic goodness, but the truth is, not everyone can enjoy the taste. I’ve found a way to get even my husband to drink it – a yummy Berry Breakfast Smoothie that is easy enough to make before the coffee kicks in, and fast enough for a morning on-the-go! Berry Breakfast … Continue reading

Recipe List for the Holidays

Here are some of the mouthwatering sweets that have had me drooling at my computer this past week! Just looking at the drink recipes have made me feel all warm and cozy, and the little treats are so easy and simple to make – I think I’ll be getting Alex in the kitchen to get … Continue reading

A Stress-free Holiday Meal – Step 2: Shopping List

photo by S. Diddy After I create my menu, I gather all of my recipes together and compile a complete Supply/Ingredient List that I use to check my kitchen and pantry as I create my Shopping List. I leave nothing out – even that little 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg makes the cut, which ensures that I’m … Continue reading

Glazed Roasted Carrots

I didn’t think there was anything easier than my stove-top glazed carrots, but I have indeed found a more effortless way to get beautiful, sweet, glistening carrots! Glazed carrots are always a favorite, and roasting them just adds another layer of depth and beauty to the dish. They come out nicely browned, and the natural sweetness … Continue reading