Let Go and Enjoy!

As I prepare to bring my family together around the table for Christmas dinner, I need encouragement to let go. To let go of lists and tasks – to leave the kitchen and preparations in order to enjoy time with family and friends!

The holidays are a wonderful time to come together around the table, and food is only one of the components that makes this time special. The interactions that occur around the food, at the table, are the true treasures of time spent together. Of course, wonderful food makes these moments all the better, but it’s important not to get bogged down in the kitchen, forgetting the people who have gathered together for celebration.

Don’t succumb to anxiety or detach from company – let go! For me, letting go has meant literally letting go of one or two dishes to alleviate stress and free up time in the kitchen. Of course, bringing a meal together will mean that you won’t be able to socialize very much before the meal, but make sure you take a rest and take time to enjoy the people in your life, to think on the true reason for this wonderful season!

Have a very merry Christmas – I’ll be back in the New Year!

2 Responses to “Let Go and Enjoy!”
  1. Joffre says:

    “Photo by Jenny C.” Merry Christmas!

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